Using PowerShell to Manage Windows Azure Applications

I was recently asked to do a presentation on managing Windows Azure applications with PowerShell by the Charlotte PowerShell users group.   At first I was a bit unsure about doing the presentation – with Jim Christopher and Ed Wilson in the group as well as other PowerShell gurus, it can be tough to ramp up to a respectable level of knowledge.  But, these guys are awesome and Ed welcomed me to pen a blog post for them, so check it out on the Hey, Scripting Guy! blog.

I learned a ton in the process.  While I knew there were the Azure PowerShell cmdlets to aid in virtually everything you  can do via the management interface, getting hands on and really putting it through the paces still wows me at what you can do with PowerShell.

In the blog post, an sample website is deployed to two different datacenters, and then load balanced geographically using the Traffic Manager.  Instances can be easily altered, storage accounts created, etc.  And then, finishing it with only a few lines a code to tear it all down.    All in all, it integrates really nicely with any application lifecycle process.

Check out the post and try the code out for yourself!

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