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You spoke, we listened.   Rock, Paper, Azure is going well, but one thing we’ve heard from many people is that they would like a history of their games.   The main reason for this is the “attack and retreat” approach  some people have taken – that is, they submit a bot with their main game playing skill, quickly observe/download the results, then resubmit a weak bot.   Because the MyBot page shows only the current results, odds are the other players won’t see the interim results.  

We originally thought the current results would be all people would want to see, as game history (aside from taking a lot of space) could potentially be a lot of data to go through.  But, we’ve been proven wrong, so we decided to keep the history for players to go through.  We wanted to incorporate this in a non-breaking way, so it’s optional data to look at.

On the MyBot page, you’ll still see the current games:


Under that, you’ll see game history that shows all interim games:


The filter allows you to select a single player to look at.  The number of games you see depends on the number of times your or your opponent’s bot was uploaded. 

We haven’t quite decided how long we’ll keep history, but at the very least, it’s there to use!  Thanks for the feedback!

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4/19/2011 9:56:32 AM #

Great new feature!  Thanks.  Watch out Adalis...

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