SqueakBox for Windows Phone 7

While I spend most of my time focusing on Windows Azure and cloud computing, naturally as a developer evangelist I need to dive into Windows Phone 7.   I had an idea for an app (not overly original, I admit) and thought I’d explore developing this in my spare time.  The result is an app called SqueakBox and it’s currently up in the Marketplace.


So what’s this app?  It’s pretty much the next gen of fart apps.  Instead of just flatulence (which I never really found all that funny, but they are in there), the app would focus on sounds effects for different situations.   My personal favorites are the crickets (great for meetings during long periods of silence) and the police siren (never fails to make the adrenaline of the driver skyrocket).

While the idea isn’t incredibly original, I wanted the implementation to be best in class.  I implemented a ton of different play modes.  It can play on a timer, it can play when the device is moved.  But more interestingly, it can play when the room is quiet, and you can play sounds remotely through squeakbox.net.   You can loop sounds, create a playlist, and fiddle with knobs and dials like delays, backgrounds, etc.  In total, there are about 65 sound effects.

But wait, there’s more! :)  In all seriousness, I get a bit annoyed by seeing these 99 cent apps that play ONE sound (there are already plenty of them in the marketplace).   Not much of a value, in my opinion.  So, I put a clip recorder in there so you can record your own clips, or import your own using the Zune library.  If you see a cool clip on freesound.org or elsewhere, you can bring it in.   So while I’ve done my best to get a well rounded collection of sounds, there might be something you want to include – so go for it.

Sales pitch over. 

I’m going to create a new series of posts on some of the development challenges and document them here.  In the first post, I’ll discuss setting up Fiddler and the phone ‘capabilities’ that applications will use.   Stay tuned. 

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Ian Walker
Ian Walker
10/17/2010 2:15:19 PM #

Dude, are you saying that this app is better than uFart? ( the so-called 'Ultimate Fart' Machine)

I have heard that it uses the new HTML5 odour tag - is that true?

Crazy ...

10/17/2010 9:24:07 PM #

Ian -- hey, uFart looks cool!  Awesome to see a little ingenuity in the otherwise stale genre  ... in fact I'd love to try it but WHERE IS THE TRIAL? Arg!  Smile  

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