Mix09 Day 1 Wrap-up

No fancy pictures to post – for those, head over to flickr to see what’s going on at the Venetian.   After sitting in the keynote, 2 sessions, and hanging at the 3rd Place (open conversations area), having good conversations at breakfast/lunch and playing a bit of Rockband with my east-coast compatriots, I’m remembering why I love Mix so much!

Here’s my impressions after day 1, in no particular order:

1) ASP.NET MVC 1.0 shipped.  This is a bit of a surprise as RC2 is only a few weeks old, but hey, ship it when it’s ready.  If you’ve been developing on any of the PR bits, beta bits, or RC bits, now is the time to upgrade.  The process will be either completely painless or involve a modicum of pain depending on how old your bits are.  :)

2) Superpreview: cool application to preview websites in different browsers.  Read more on the Expression blog.   What I liked was the onion-skinning and DOM tools to make it easier to troubleshoot problem spots in a site; but what really impressed me was the ability to use any locally installed browser as a rendering engine, OR a service in the cloud to simulate rending from (in theory) any other browser. 

3) Silverlight 3.  Brad Abrams did a great session on building business applications in Silverlight 3.  You can download the bits from his blog, but I definitely recommend checking out his session when the video is posted.  Towards the end, he dives into creating a friendly search engine experience so that “critical” data within an application can still be indexed and permalinked.  (This has been a hang up I’ve heard from many people regarding the use of browser plug in to display data.)  Additionally, he does a nice demo of the great sitemap capabilities to aid in SEO. 

Apparently Andrew can’t stay away from Billy, and I caught him doing this again, with Jeff Atwood on the drums.  Video quality is a bit lacking as I tried to snap this last second, but someone has a better video we’ll dig up soon.

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