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I think I finally got Peter hooked on WorldMaps.  My latest victim.  And of course, it wouldn't be possible with the official WorldMaps evangelist, G. Andrew Duthie.  Thanks guys!

A few questions came up on Twitter, so I thought I'd take the time to expound on them here.  The first question was: who are the top WorldMap users?  Here's the top 10 at a glance:

 Site Hits 5,137,942 722,489 427,112 309,104 243,283 155,276 147,714 121,912 113,178  109,067

So there you have it.  I'm going to build a "live" top 50 page soon that include links so you can view the data breakdown a bit more thoroughly.

One question that came up is how my stats (currently #3) are gathered -- for example, do I get a hit for everyone else's hit?   A fair question since I'm using my own service.

Looking at the data above, the answer is obviously "no," traffic from other sites doesn't affect my numbers.  The sum of all hits is around 8.5 million compared to my ~400k (see an all-user mashup here).  Indirectly, much of the traffic *is* driven from folks clicking through to my site. 

One way to measure this is by looking at the Global Domination and Unique Domination statistics on the maps (bottom right corner).   Global Domination shows how many unique locations you've hit in contrast to all known unique locations.   Remember, though, that this number is relative.  For example, as far as I can tell, all locations in Manhattan are considered 1 location.  So while you may have thousands or even millions of users visiting from Manhattan, it's resolved as only 1 unique location.  Unique Domination is how many of those locations belong _only_ to your map -- locations you are hitting that no one else has.   The cool thing about this number (at least I think it's cool) is that it will continually grow smaller.  Before long, having ANY unique domination above zero will be a prized value.

Another question is: How is rank determined?  First, it's completely possible for some users to be lower in rank yet have stunning World/Unique Domination.  Look at Andrew's stats.  The poor guy just fell to #8 ... but holy cow, look at the global/unique domination stats.  He's schooling me and just about everyone else.

Quite simply, rank is determined by the sum of all hits.  And I'm thinking it's time for a change.  The question on the table that I ask everyone who uses it is, what is the fair equation for determining rank?  Total hits as it stands today?  Hits/day average?  Unique IPs?  Global Domination?  Or a mix of all of them?

As for my stats personally, I have an edge.  I was using the system months before it was available to the public, and even then, users were very slow to sign up.  While my hits/day is lower than many in the top 10, my time on the field has been longer, and has carried me a bit.  I admit that.  :) 

But then, I do only use it on my home page nav, not on every page.  For example, I could use the tracking pixel version on my master page so it shows up on every page on my site, and then just display the map on my home page.  The end result would be that my Global/Unique Domination and Unique IPs would remain unaffected, however, total hits and hits per day would skyrocket.  So you see, there are many ways to interpret the stats and hard to treat it as a strict comparison.

So what's on my to-do list? 

1. Top 10/25/50 page, with links.
2. Web services for data portability.
3. Silverlight integration (somehow ... anyone want to help with that?)
4. 1:many accounts or subaccounts. 
5. A "no user" page.  (If you visit the "all user" page, this would be the opposite of that -- what locations have no one hit yet?  Where the all user page has high Global Domination and zero Unique Domination, this page would be the opposite -- zero Global Domination and high Unique Domination.)
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