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There are a few new items for WorldMaps -- nothing too exciting, but worth mentioning.

The first is -- taking Andrew's advice -- renaming the "Coverage" statistic to "World Domination."  It just sounds cooler.  Taking into account all known IP locations in the world, it measures your relative coverage.  It's pretty humbling (IMHO) to look at that number.

Next, I added a "Unique Domination" statistic.  The layout needs some tweaking, but for now, it looks like:

World Domination 15.68%
Unique Domination 3.73%

It shows the amount of traffic that is exclusive to your site -- meaning, of all the traffic WorldMaps has received across all users, this percentage is unique to your site.  It's grouped by location, not IP address.  Invariably, this is a number that will be constantly shrinking.
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