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When I started WorldMaps, it was more or less a bare-bones service.  I added a couple of stats to it, but really, the potential for what could be done is a lot greater than what I've had time to implement. 

I took another small implementation to fruition last night with a distance breakdown.  On the WorldMaps report page, you'll see a table like this:

IP Distribution
Miles Unique IPs Traffic %
< 10 16 .01%
10 - 100 159 .63%
100 - 250 462 3.55%
250 - 500 2,430 14.81%
500 - 1000 2,387 5.52%
1000 - 2500 5,176 60.72%
2500 - 5000 4,931 7.41%
5000+ 5,325 7.35%

Basically, this table breaks down the number of hits into geographic proximity to your account.  (On your account page, you can optionally enter your latitude and longitude -- this is used as the epicenter.)  Another cool implementation to come will be two charts: one just like the above, and another that shows the same information but for the current user. 

Now, folks who know me know I'm a stats-head.  I love stats.  But, the reason why this is useful, too, is for evangelism.  For example, less than 5% of my traffic is driven from people within 250 miles from where I live.  That's lower than I'd like, because -- while it's great to have a more global reach -- the truth is, my primary focus is on the Carolinas.   About 75% of my traffic is driven from at least 1,000 miles away -- and I don't care how many back roads you take, that ain't in the Carolinas.

Of course, in fairness, these are cumulative stats over a couple of years, so it will take some time to balance itself.  And, RSS is not included in this, so that could change the numbers significantly.

If you wanted to try WorldMaps and haven't signed up yet, do so soon!  Once the volume hits a certain point, I'll need to cut off new registrations.
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