What makes an A-Lister?

Scoble referred to a blog post from Sue Polinksy about whether or not the big names in the blogging biz should link to smaller or newer blogs.  (A way of giving back, perhaps?)

Blogging is such a nebulous medium, meaning different things to different people -- and that's a good thing.  I often wonder if an "A-Lister" like Scoble or Guy Kawasaki (whom I both read) would do well if they blogged under a pseudonym or pen name.  This technique is, of course, nothing new to authors for any number of reasons.  The premise, naturally, is that a good blogger is a good blogger, regardless of the name or associations.  But would they be discovered?

It would be a fun social experiment to see what happens if one or more high profile bloggers ran such a blog under a pseudonym, but I'm guessing there's just not enough time in the day to pull this off as it would likely take many months to see results.  Still, it would be fun.  :)

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Chris Reeder
Chris Reeder
1/31/2007 6:32:02 PM #

Brian, you can tell when a big name makes a reference to your site. Chris Craft (he was in San Fran when you visited Florence) once got mentioned by Scoble. His hits, subscribers, and spam comments went up.

I think it is good for the big names to link to us smaller guys (if we are worthy to be linked too).

BTW: Where is your Blogroll??? StupidProgrammer.com on it???

2/1/2007 9:30:17 AM #

Chris -- you're right.  I noticed now three main changes (increases) in traffic patterns to my site.  The first was when I joined MSFT; the second when I went to PDC, and the third when I became an evangelist. 

So, getting linked to is a great thing, even if it only increases the link relevance in search engines.  But is it a form of "online nepotism"?  Smile

I should publish my blogroll ... and yes, StupidProgrammer is on it.  ;)

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