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I'm really excited about a lot of the new Avalon .NET 3.0 apps on the horizon.  One that I use on a daily basis is the New York Times reader.

I don't know if it's publicly available yet, but it's great, except for some slow sync times.  The reason I love it is not that it is built upon .NET 3.0 (that would only make it cool).  I love it because it preserves the experience of reading a paper in virtual format. 

You can scroll through the sections, resize, etc.  And it scales wonderfully, rearranging the page.  It just feels more organic than using Google news or similar sites.

I'd almost say this is superior to a physical paper ... easily portable, easy to navigate, and no black ink on the fingers.  Except ... I always get amused when I see small glitches like this.  Instead of just removing the "blurb" when one isn't available, it just says "no blurb."  That's ok, though, it's still a version zero product.
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