20/20 Week 10 Update

Today I had my 10 week check-in for the 20/20 program.  My total calorie count over the program has been below what my nutritionist would like to see, but still acceptable.  (The big problem I have is keeping the fat down ... carbs are reduced greatly and my biggest concern, so unless I'm eating chicken or fish all day, I'm running out of options.)  In my case, I've been exercising a lot more than anticipated or expected, so the progress has been real good.  At week 10, I'm down about 53 pounds total, with very little of it lean. 

My thighs and arms are down about 2 inches total each, and my waist is down a total of about 7 inches.  So ... so far, excellent progress.  Blood pressure pretty normal, too, around the mid 120's over mid 70's.   Most importantly, my tolerance for the more rigorous exercise is way up, both in terms of my personal stamina and heart rate.  (Hills that I could never do on my mountain bike are now completely doable.  I almost think it's a fluke that I did it, except I've done them now dozens of times ... even as Savannah, playing the role of Queen Nefertiti, is towed in a child buggy.)

Some people have asked what the plan is like ... I guess the answer would depend on what you're in it for and what aspect (diet, exercise, etc.), but assuming it's weight loss/nutrition, I would classify the diet as a less radical Atkins diet (South Beach?) with very intensive exercise.  Although the diet portion will vary from person to person, it generally follows a week or so of "baselining" on protein shakes and chicken.  Over time, veggies, dairy, cheese, fruit, beans and grains are slowly added in (usually in that order).  Meal tracking is a pretty essential part of the process.

The exercise is fairly rigorous.  3 times a week with a personal trainer, 2-4 times a week unsupervised.  It works out pretty well -- it's hard work, of course, but there's enough variety in it especially since the weather is warmer.

My great weakness in this program:  Peanuts.  Yeah ... peanuts.  It's not so much the calories in them (I'm fine there) but the fat content: they keep pushing me over my limits.  (And, weigh out 1 oz of peanuts and tell me that's all you'll eat!) Thankfully, though, they're mostly poly and monounsaturated ... at least that's keeping my nutritionist from slapping me.

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Jason Hitney
Jason Hitney
7/25/2006 11:27:33 PM #

You Microsoft people have all the breaks!!  Seriously though,
congrats on the progress!  I've been trying to lose some weight
too, but unsuccessfully.  Who would have thought that beer, my
good friend, would be so fattening.  I wish they had a program
like what you are in, here in Chicago. 

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