Help, I've Been Googled.

Ouch ... about once a week or so I'll look over my site stats, and I was a bit surprised to look at the search engine report (found here).  (In short: currently I'm looking at over 3x the normal Googlebot volume, well above the others.)   With the exception of October 05, Google has consistently been one of the lightest indexers of my site, yet accounts for the most referrals.  This is a good thing ... and before I get any more drinking the MSFT coolaid cracks from the midwest (j/k ... but you know who you are!) ... something bizarre happened where Googlebot has been pinging me like mad over the past couple of days.

Perhaps it was a slight reorganization of the content on the site, I'm not sure.  But still... given March is not even half over, I'm curious to watch how the month turns out.  Curiously, I noticed many of the hits were back to back duplicates.
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