Glacier: A New Logging Application!

I'm pleased to have finally completed a new electronic logbook tool called Glacier!  Glacier is designed to replace paper logbooks you'd often see in places like control rooms, security desks, plants, factories, or anywhere there might be a chronological logbook of events.

I've had some experiencing writing a similar application over 5 years ago, and with all the latest advances in technology, I decided to give it another spin.  Specifically, Glacier is built entirely in C# 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, and contains some of the latest "Web 2.0" necessities like AJAX enabled controls. 

One of the coolest features in Glacier is RSS integration.  Using a typical query builder interface, searches can be saved in a user's profile.  Each search can then be RSS-enabled ... any time new entries are made that matches the search criteria, they will show up in the corresponding RSS feed. 

This is a tremendously powerful way to disseminate information throughout an organization.  Because RSS is an open standard, any RSS-capable device can receive these notifications.  Virtually every new business application on the market is becoming RSS aware, including FireFox, IE7, Vista, Office, and countless applications for PDAs, cell phones, e-mail, etc.

While there was a lot of focus on creating a tight and user friendly front end, with features like rich text editing, spell check, AJAX controls, etc., the backend has received the bulk of the work.  Glacier can use Windows authentication (requires Active Directory) or its own authentication model (built on the ASP.NET 2.0 SQL membership provider), or a mixture of both.  It can also integrate with SQL Reporting Services 2005 for detailed reporting.   The database architecture is well laid out and extensible.

For more information, check out the Glacier page here, or the Glacier website at
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