Windows Vista Upgrade Process

This article on "Why Vista Won't Suck" has seen a lot of buzz lately, from Slashdot to news articles to blogs like Mike's.  It's hard to get excited about the article since I'm entrenched with Vista every day, but one of the big things to take away from the article is the benefits that aren't visible.  Fit and finish is always the final stuff ... but I daresay, it's coming together, albeit slower than most people would've hoped (see #4).

Still, one of the coolest things, I think, is Windows Anytime Upgrade.  The idea is simple:  finally, you can upgrade your Vista version in minutes as opposed to thinking about some huge O/S reinstall plan.  I'm not completely sure about pricing and such, but I think this is great: allow people to upgrade when and if they need features.  Ars Technica has some details

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