More Site Mods, Thanks Mike!

In another round of website updates, I did it -- I got rid of the CAPTCHA.  Kind of a shame -- I was proud of that control!  But in truth, CAPTCHA has been considered only somewhat reliable, and the degree of spam protection it provides is proportional to the amount of annoyance it has to visitors.  

So, Mike (over at AngryPets and fellow vet/crusader) built an HTTP Module to help fend off spammers ... ReverseDOS.  I finally got around to installing ... many thanks Mike!  It's pretty slick.  Of course, I installed right away and didn't set up any filters, and DOS'd myself when resubmitting some blog entries that had more than 5 links (I'm also tinkering with my blogging engine, but that's a behind-the-scenes thing).  Of course everything is tweakable, so I added some IP ranges to the trusted list.

Well, as cool as this is, I had some ideas.  On my OneNote to-do list, I was going to implement a "CAPTCHA bypass" if the user was authenticated (or logged in -- whichever).  I was thinking you may be able to do the same type of thing in ReverseDOS (tie into AuthenticateRequest perhaps?) ... or, in a more hackable way, bypass certain directories (since I know no spam is coming to my administration section -- in my case that assumes authentication, but you get the idea).  So that way, if I'm on the road or my IP changes enough to break the trusted regex pattern, I'm covered.  I'll tinker with it, too, and send over the source if I get anywhere.

Again, very nice.  I feel like Kramer going "commando" -- "I'm out there, Jerry, and I'm lovin' every minute of it!"
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