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This SQL Server and Visual Studio (2005) campaign has been getting some attention -- and with good reason. It's a really enjoyable experience -- not just a boring flash animation or ad. If you haven't seen it yet, head over and check it out:

I hate to call attention to it, but I really disliked the recent Office campaign -- the whole "dinosaur head" motif just didn't work. So, it's quite refreshing to come across this ... even if you're not a developer, you're likely to enjoy it!

Some tips: Assuming you've got some bandwidth, check the high speed button right away to get the higher res videos. Also, don't miss the "do not push" button -- very clever.

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8/1/2005 3:16:18 AM #

Very cool. The creative team must have had a blast putting that together.

It will be interesting to see how the Team System works out. Hopefully they've replaced the source control component with something more team-oriented than VSS.

8/1/2005 1:33:21 PM #

I've been playing with it a lot on a VPC and have been enjoying it -- VS and TS has made some strides towards team-based development.   (Mike may be able to chime in with his thoughts, since he's been using it a lot.)

In that last video, by the way, I really loved the quotes:

"Sir, they've moved up the deadline again."

"Just throw more developers at it!"

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