When Captcha Goes Bad

I love CAPTCHA ... the little code boxes that help verify you are indeed a real human being when submitting a form. Obviously the idea is to scramble the letters and numbers just enough to make it nearly impossible for a computer to guess, but relatively easy for a person.

So when filling out an online form today, I came across this gem. Man, what the heck?? Fortunately there was a convenient "re-seed" button, but I assure you it took a few times to get one I'd even attempt to decypher.

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Michael K. Campbell
Michael K. Campbell
6/1/2005 10:33:56 AM #

Hey, I saw that CAPTCHA just yesterday. (It's on an MS site... IM ring a bell?)

Anyhooo, the reason that they're getting so out of control is that some losers have figured out how to read them -- with machines. A number of higher profile blogs have been haxored with them, posting all sorts of comment spam.


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