Ocean's Twelve Review

I loved the movie Ocean's Eleven (the remake) -- it didn't have any great cinematic quality, but what it did do is entertain. I must've seen this movie a dozen times on various movie channels, and I'm never bored while watching it.

Because I rarely go to the movies, I was really excited to see Ocean's Twelve when it came out on DVD. Overall, it was decent. There were a number of things I didn't like about the movie [spoiler warning] and I figured I'd blog my ramblings. I doubt anyone will read this so this is probably the written version of talking to myself, but here goes:

Here's the plot synopsis as I see it:

Francois Toulour (the "nightfox") -- offended that he is being upstaged by Danny Ocean -- does a throwing down of the gauntlet with Ocean by creating a competition. Knowing Danny's crew is retired, he gives the whereabouts of the men to Terry Benedict (the owner of the Bellagio who was robbed by Ocean's group in the first film). The conditions of the information include that he must give the men 2 weeks to pay him back, thus thrusting the men back into the scene where the contest is begun.

Now, here's my problem(s) with the movie:

1. Why is Terry Benedict so hot for Ocean's Eleven? I mean, we all know they did the robbery, but Benedict doesn't. When we left the crew in the first film, they so perfectly robbed the Bellagio that not even Terry knew who did it. Danny Ocean had the perfect alibi, since he was being held by Terry during the robbery (sort-of, but that's a long story). Danny even commented that he'd find out who stole Terry's money as he was set free.

This could've been a good opportunity for interesting story development, but we're more or less left to guess as to how it all unfolded since the first film.

2. Why do they take Terry's threat of "repay or die" so seriously? He show's up, says, "You've got two weeks, or else..." and everyone scrambles? I just don't buy it. Either threaten him back, rob him again, deny you did it, or go into hiding again.

3. Breaking the fourth wall -- twice. Occasionally it's extremely funny when the "fourth wall" is broken. One time it works, when they're sitting around and joking about being called "Ocean's Eleven." It's funny because it matches the wit and flavor or the movie, it's harmless to the story, and of course only "we" (the viewer) know the group as Ocean's Eleven.

But it was really dumb when Tess Ocean (played by Julia Roberts) was brought in on the scam to play Julia Roberts in the heist. It was a bit amusing at first when they debated, "well, she looks just like her..." -- all the while keeping the audience unsure of who they were talking about. But it went on for too long and just got dumb, although the camio by Bruce Willis was amusing.

I'm sure I'll think of more plot holes later, but these really bugged me in particular. Overall, not a bad movie ... just not as good as the original.
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