WinHEC and the x64 Launch, Part Deux

The remaining days at WinHEC went really well. Monday evening was the x64 launch -- I conned Tom into letting me take a picture of him next to one of the x64 signs ... ha! I was supposed to pose next. It's a tad bit of unintentional humor that, among 64-bit networked machines running FarCry 64-bit and UT2004, we find a vintage Asteroids machine.

At the bottom left is a picture of the x64 car to help promote the event.

I attended a few sessions on Metro, and also sessions detailing implementations of UPnP and Web Services. The web sevices for embedded devices is really fascinating -- the idea is that not only will we be able to talk to devices via web services (any number of protocols, including SOAP), we can subscribe to events to receive messages from these devices. (This reminds me of SNMP traps meeting .NET.)

The example implementations focused on controlling lighting. With a simple application (that can easily consume web services), a series of lights can be virtually assigned however we choose, and, of course, controlled. But because our app can listen for events from these devices, we can manually control the lights through a wall switch (for example), and our application updates itself in real time with the current lighting status.

Combined with wireless technology, I can see this in helping to create smart devices in the home. This can also be done with a fairly small footprint (about 64k).

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5/4/2005 12:01:44 PM #

I wasn't duped! Brian told me billg would be at the party and he didn't show up either!

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