The End of An Era

There's a certain irony that my first blog entry on this site is entitled, "The end of an era." While this is a new era for me; sadly, it marks the end of LoneWolf Design.

I started LoneWolf Design (LWD) in 1996 ā€“ eight years ago. At that time, MetaCreations was a new company, their software was hot, and the community was bustling. LWD was one of many sites that served as an online gallery for would-be digital artists. At one point, I was receiving dozens of emails a day, and site traffic was through the roof.

Since then, however, the community has changed; MetaCreations is all but gone. The software that held much of the community together ā€“ Bryce ā€“ is now an orphaned child of Corel. Since then, too, my focus has shifted back on programming and development, departing a bit from the creative.

So after eight years, I've decided to close LWD. Don't worry, I'm housing much of the gallery here on my site. Vue D'Esprit is a fantastic piece of software and, as time allows, I will be posting more of my content from Vue as I make the transition from Bryce. In fact, you can see my first image from Vue, Frontier, by clicking here.

LWD is gone, but the spirit will live on here.
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