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I was looking through the July issue of MSDN Magazine (here) and read the Web Q&A section. At the bottom, I was given my props when I saw the following: Thanks to the following Microsoft developers for their technical expertise: Gaylon Blank, Daniel Boerner, Greg Bybee, Jim Cheshire, John Conwell, G. Andrew Duthie, Sean Gephardt, Brian Hitney, Alun Jones, Carlos Aguilar Mares, Eduard Rusanovschi, Michael Schmidt, Matthew Smolen, and James Whittred. Sweet! Not only props, but an easy one: I don't know wha... [More]

Every Day Is a Winding Road

Today is my last day as Internet Development Manager at Coldwater Creek. After three years, I am both relieved and anxious (a psychological tug-of-war if there ever was one!) about venturing forth to new opportunities. The relief comes from knowing that I won't be receiving frantic calls from the support desk at 2:00 AM. The anxiety comes from giving up that regular paycheck for the variable income inherent in being self employed. As someone once said, there's a fine line between self employment and unempl... [More]

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